Thac Ba Lake 2 days 1 night


Located in Yen Binh and Luc Yen districts of the province, this lake was formed when damming the Chay river to build the first Thac Ba Yen Bai Hydropower Plant in the North, completed in 1970. To In 1996, Thac Ba Lake in Yen Bai was recognized as a national historical monument.

This is one of the three largest artificial lakes in Vietnam, covering more than 1,300 islands large and small. The area of the lake spreads 23,400ha, the water surface reaches 19,050ha, extends about 80km, the water level ranges from 46m – 58m, containing 3-4 billion cubic meters of water. In addition to the Chay river, which is the main water supply area, this lake also has large rivers such as Ngoi Hanh, Sand nib … pouring in, sediment all year round, creating conditions for the fauna and flora to develop rich.


DAY 01: HANOI – HO THAC BA (Lunch, dinner)

Morning: 06h00 – Car and tour guide (HDV) of An Binh Travel tourist company pick you up at the meeting point of departure to Ruby Eco Resort in Yen Binh Town, Yen Bai near Thac Ba Lake – Yen Bai.

10h00: Arrive in Sinh Thai Ruby Resort, the group receives stilt house. Freedom to explore Ruby Ecological KDL. Lunch at restaurant in KDL Sinh Thai.

Afternoon: 14h30: You board the train to visit Thac Ba hydroelectric dam, then continue to visit Soi beach, artificial beach was created from the beach of former Soviet experts, here visitors Enjoy bathing, bathing in cool and clean water. You can participate in sensory water games like windsurfing, banana dragging, flying fish (fly fish) …

The group returned to KDL Sinh Thai.

18h00: Group dinner at the restaurant – enjoy specialties of the Northwest.

After dinner, the group freely plays in KDL.

DAY 2: HO THAC BA – HANOI (Breakfast, lunch)

Morning: Get up early to watch the sunrise and feel fresh air at Thac Ba Lake. Have breakfast, have a relaxing tea.

08h00: The boat welcomes guests to visit Thac Ba Lake, one of the largest lakes in Vietnam which is considered as “Ha Long on the mountain”. The train takes visitors to visit Thac Ba Temple, a sacred temple associated with lake legend, where people living around the lake always consider it a sacred place to rely on spirit in the life of living and

Floating on Thac Ba lake for more than 1 hour, you watch the islands big and small as the bowls, creating a charming landscape that is infatuated with Thuy Tien cave – one of the beautiful cave in Thac Ba lake area. The mysteries of the legendary story and the wild beauty of Thuy Tien cave have attracted nearly 2000 visitors each year.

Noon: After the trip on Thac Ba lake, you go to Ngoc wharf to have lunch at the ecological restaurant Ruby, you rest at the ecological area.

Afternoon 14h00: You get on the bus back to Hanoi.

17:30: Go back to Hanoi, HDV bid farewell to you, end the interesting tour program .



29-seat, good-quality new cars serve customers on schedule.

Boat visit Thac Ba hydroelectric lake and Thac Ba ecological lake.

Accommodation: Stay on the floor at Ruby Eco Resort, House on stilts including cushion, blanket, curtain, hot and cold cleaning.

Meals according to the program:

         + Main meals: (03 meals): 120,000 VND / 01 rate (excluding drinks)

         + 01 Breakfast: VND 30,000 / serving (Breakfast beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup)

Tickets to visit points in the program.

A dedicated service guide throughout the program

Linens, drinking water, preventive medicine

Travel insurance for the whole tour, maximum compensation level: 50,000,000 VND / 01 case

Gifts: An Binh tourist hat


VAT, Personal expenses and other expenses not included in the program: telephone, laundry …

Drinks during meals.


* Other services

– Under 2 years free of charge (parents pay the costs incurred for the baby)

– From 5 to 10 years old: 50% of adults,

– Over 10 years old: 100% of adults.

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